Children’s Therapy Services/Early Intervention Descriptions

Children’s Therapy Services is an association of therapists and teachers of various disciplines — all of whom have specialized in pediatrics and have significant backgrounds and experience working with children and their families. Disciplines include: Physical and Occupational Therapies, Speech/Language Pathology, and Special Instruction (including Speech Teachers and Special Education Teachers, with specialties in Speech, Vision, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, and Behavior). Therapists have serviced various home health, early intervention, pre-school, school-age, and hospital settings. Our providers have a broad base of knowledge of existing programs, pediatric referral sources and specialists, and adaptive equipment, including assistive technologies.

Children’s Therapy Services is an established Early Intervention Provider Agency providing services in Bucks and Lehigh Counties.

Early Intervention is designed to enhance your child’s learning and development within their natural environments and within the context of your family’s everyday routines. Providers come to your child’s home or day care and may accompany you and your child on community outings. Our providers work hand-in-hand with your family to enhance your child’s development and participation with your family. Our providers offer strategies for your family to use throughout your day.

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